Optimize your Price Without Pissing Off Customers

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About Justin Wilcox

Justin is the founder of Nimbus Health and Together Tech. He now travels the world mentoring entrepreneurs on Lean Startup and Customer Development. Justin is a mentor for both Startup Weekend NEXT and Founder's Institute, and he blogs about Lean Startup experiments at Customer Development Labs



“Justin is awesome and one of the best startup advisers I've ever met. We've had a chance to work together and help startups around of the world and I'm always impressed at how great he is at getting to the key issues in any situation."


Pricing is a pain in the @$$.

[Update: Due to conflicting events, and subsequent lack of demand, the event has been canceled.

The good news is...there are some awesome conflicting events that we highly recommend!

  1. Lean Camp
  2. Ultimate Lean Startup Machine


Most of us calculate prices using competitive research and/or cost estimates. Yet whatever you come up with, feels like a gamble:

   - Either its too high and not enough people are going to buy or

   - Its too low and you're leaving money on the table


You could charge different customers different prices but not only does that feel funny, you're not sure how to do it. So you leave your price where it is - never knowing how many more customers you could have, or how much money you're losing. 

Engage live customers and use their interactions to prove assumptions.

Real Customers

A/B Testing

Learn to create, run, and iterate real A/B tests.

Bring your laptop. You'll learn price testing by doing it.

Hands-On Learning

You'll build a site, and collecting credit cards, but you need to know a lick of HTML.

No Dev Skills Required

(Psst...this same workshop costs $2500 as part of the Lean Startup Conference)

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